What are the parts of a bulldozer?

Excavators are a common piece of construction equipment, with a striking silhouette. Backs protrude above the other machines on the construction site, the platforms are wider and dump truck helps the machine as a line of ants. Wherever you work, the excavator is the king of the play.

The undercarriage

The undercarriage of an excavator has to bear the weight of the machine, providing traction on unstable surfaces such as clay, and allow the machine to move. Variations include landing gear in style amphibious swamp, or using rubber tracks in small excavators.

Filler sheet

Leaf filling is a rear dozer blade type. It is used for the same purposes as in a bulldozer and adds some versatility to the excavator. It can also be used to stabilize the excavator when necessary.


The house sits on a pivot on the landing gear. The pivot can rotate 360 degrees. The engine, cab and boom are mounted on the house.

The cabin

For an operator who works all day driving the excavator, comfort is important. Modern excavators can be equipped with hermetically sealed cabinets for noise and dust control, heated seats, ergonomic controls and other services.

The pen

The pen is a large articulated hydraulic arm. Operators tools to fit different arm depending on the job. These tools include buckets, claws, thumbs, hammers, pliers, press wheels, scissors trees and other tools specific to certain industries.