What work do commercial electricians?

Commercial electricians working indoors, construction sites, factories and places of business. The work is exhausting as it involves heavy lifting, and may be dangerous. Lesions may involve falls, shock electrical and cuts. Electricians must follow proper precautions, including proper use of a computer security to prevent injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics), electricians full time experience and work-related diseases at a higher rate than the national average injuries.


Electricians who work in construction and remodeling installed wiring structures. Detailed follow a track circuits, electrical outlets, control panels and load centers plan. After installing electrical systems in a building, they should review them, using equipment such as voltmeters, ohmmeters and oscilloscopes to ensure compatibility and safety. The electrician must comply with local safety codes when installing electrical equipment. If the system is not working properly, the electrician must diagnose and correct the problem.


Maintenance electricians repair and replace the defective electrical equipment. The job may involve the repair or replacement of equipment, such as switches, fuses, circuit breakers, cables and electronic components. Maintenance of electrical equipment involves solving the cause of performance problems and determine the best solution. Inspect equipment is also an important part of the work of a maintenance electrician. When inspecting the equipment properly can avoid major breakdowns before they occur. A commercial maintenance electrician can work for municipalities, electrical contractors or industrial employer.


A lineman is responsible for power generation from power generation to building structures. The work consists of installing and maintaining power lines. The job of a lineman is very dangerous due to the high voltage involved. These electricians have to work in all weather conditions and often at high altitudes. The proper safety equipment is important in this job, especially when it comes to downed power lines. Linemen can work in private companies or public electricity services.